Jul 15, 2020

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A full scan can be useful on endpoints that have encountered a malware threat to identify if there are any inactive components that require a more thorough clean-up. In this instance, you may want to use a full scan when running an on-demand scan. A custom scan allows you to specify the files and folders to scan, such as a USB drive.

Apr 09, 2008 · Reinstall Live Update. If you have a Norton Firewall, turn off Windows Firewall. Run a full systen scan, that is probably the reason for not having the green check mark. Dec 13, 2010 · A quick scan should be enough for regular checkups. You really only need a full scan every now and then or if you think a rootkit is hiding that the quick scan and Malwarebytes isn't finding. Malwarebytes also has an option to scan for rootkits but it too will take much longer to run because it is doing a more thorough scan. Sep 04, 2003 · I've used Norton in it's various forms since the good ole DOS days, and never had a scan take anywhere near 24 hours, I don't remember exactly how long it used to take on the old 420 megger, but as far back as I can remember, it's always taken around 60 minutes on avarge sized HD's(for the time), give or take 30 minutes depending on other

Jul 16, 2019

Why does Norton virus scan take so long? | Yahoo Answers Jan 07, 2008 Why does a full scan take so long? - Microsoft Community Why does a full scan take so long? I have set an automatic scan of my computer for midnight. It is always still running when I check at 0700. Any ideas on why it takes so long and how I can improve the scan time. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to … How long does it usually take for Norton Antivirus take to Apr 11, 2006