Indonesia has blocked more than 70,000 websites displaying "negative" content such as pornography or extremist ideology in the first month of using a new system to help purge the internet of

The first internet exchange point, the Indonesia Internet Exchange, was created by APJII to allow internet service providers (ISPs) to interconnect domestically.5 An independent internet exchange point, Open IXP, was launched in 2005.6. Government projects are underway to improve the internet infrastructure in Indonesia. Indonesia Acquires New System to Automate Internet Censorship Oct 24, 2017 I can’t believe I’m writing about Internet Positif again Mar 07, 2018 China’s Internet Freedom Hit a New Low in 2019, and the Nov 19, 2019

JAKARTA: Indonesia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry is set to implement a new $14 million Internet censorship system from Wednesday. The new system will automatically

Official data on internet censorship by Wang Zhicheng In 2017, 128 thousand sites were blocked, 30.9 million books confiscated; 1900 people arrested and punished. Internet Censorship During COVID-19 Is Threat To Mar 29, 2020

Indonesian Internet Censorship Report 2010 (updated ver.3)

Indonesian Censorship and Government in a Nutshell - YouTube Oct 28, 2016 Netflix blocked by Indonesia in censorship row - BBC News Jan 28, 2016 How to bypass Internet Censoring - Living In Indonesia As my contribution to Freedom of Speech and against Internet Censoring, here a little info. Right tools for right jobs. Tor is great for anonymity, VPNs for geographically restricted access and censorship bypass, DNSCrypt for hiding your browsing hobbits from not-so-clever ISPs. Luckily Indonesia uses the DNS approach, so DNScrypt is