Oct 24, 2019 · Knowing how to configure and display network settings is essential when installing an Ubuntu server or desktop. It is also useful for troubleshooting problems with your Internet connection. The basic network configuration includes setting the IP address, the subnet mask

I installed networkmanager and network-manager-applet but I am not getting any tray icon. As I found that this is a commen problem and has less resources to look for a step-by-step solution, I thought it would be helpful for new users if I share how I solved this problem. NetworkManager——Linux强大的网络管理工具_Linux教程_Linux公 … NetworkManager的后台服务:对于GNOME和Xfce那就是nm-applet工具,而对于KDE用户来说就是KNetworkManager。 早期版本的NetworkManager(早期称为NetworkMangler,即网络磨肉机)使用很不方便,但是现在其已经成为了一个强大的工具,让管理网络不再痛苦。 [Solved] NetworkManager failed "No agents - Xfce Forums

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Feb 06, 2017 raspbian - Using 'Network Manager' for Wireless & VPN If using XFCE you can create a Desktop Launcher which has the command. sudo nm-connection-editor You can choose to move this new Desktop Launcher to any Panel by right clicking on the Launcher and selecting 'Create Launcher on A Panel'. If you remove the Desktop Launcher the Panel Item you've just created will remain there. NetworkManager - Wikipedia

Slackware 14.0: setting up NetworkManager

I installed Xfce manually. Gnome is the default. sudo dnf remove @xfce-desktop: ===== Package Arch Version Repo Size ===== Removing: NetworkManager-fortisslvpn-gnome x86_64 1.3.90-7.fc32 @updates 102 k NetworkManager-iodine-gnome x86_64 1.2.0-9.fc31 @fedora 42 k NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome x86_64 1.8.2-1.fc32 @fedora 323 k NetworkManager-libreswan-gnome x86_64 1.2.12-1.fc32.1 … NetworkManager - Alpine Linux