Most recent episodes of Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey. Episode 4. The family and servants are surprised by the return of another old friend. 26-07-2020. ITV. All episodes.

Missing Downton Abbey? Here's How US Fans Can Get A Fix Sep 26, 2013 How to watch Downton Abbey Season 5 in the US - VPN Compare One of the most popular period dramas was thrust back on the UK TV screens with what in the UK is called Series 5 on Sunday 21st September 2014, that's right, Downton Abbey was back.With a massive following in the US, Australia and elsewhere around the globe it should be time to rejoice. Unfortunately in the US alone Season 5 won't be shown at the same time, in fact all the more disappointing Film review: Downton Abbey - BBC Culture Sep 09, 2019

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